Star Wars Fate Core Character Creator

I put together this form to help my players sort out their Star Wars characters for my Fate Core RPG. We were having trouble free forming the high concepts, and while that is part of a Fate Core game, we also wanted to play in our lifetime.

Check it out!


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Star Wars Random Mission Generator

Looking for a quick way to create Star Wars Missions for your RPG game? The Random Star Wars RPG Mission Generator is for use will any Star Wars RPG.


Mission Type: Recruitment (contributed by Jason Scanlon).

Mission Terrain: Low-gravity (contributed by Daniel Stull).

Mission Complication: Hutt Crime Lord (contributed by Oliver Queen).

Mission Opposition: Droids (contributed by Oliver Queen).

Mission Type: Assist in installing informant/mole (contributed by Marquis).

Mission Terrain: Thick fog (contributed by Jason Scanlon).

Mission Complication: Greedy merchant (contributed by Oliver Queen).

Mission Opposition: Sector Government (contributed by Oliver Queen).

Special Hazard: Legendary crime lord (Jabba The Hutt, Prince Xizor).


Check it out here!

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